By Ann Franics

Cambrian Credit Union

With a survey showing that 52% get anxious thinking about our finances how we can protect ourselves in uncertain times.

A recent survey from a financial charity found more than half of us get anxious thinking about our finances.

The abrdn Financial Fairness Trust also found that 39% of the people they surveyed said that financial concerns interrupted their sleep.

Finance is a subject close to my heart and I know for me and the whole team at Cambrian, the help we give people in getting back on track financially is the most rewarding part of our work.

As we come to the close of January, it’s normal to feel financially stretched. Christmas is expensive and short days couple with cold weather means that this time of year can be difficult, before we add in increasing interest rates and inflation.

And when finances are stretched, having no cash to back you up can leave you vulnerable should the unexpected happen.

As CEO of a credit union, it may come as no surprise that I advocate saving. Putting just a small proportion of income aside can prove to be a lifeline. ‘Pay yourself first’ is one of the oldest and most sensible rules of personal financial management.

A few pounds a week can soon mount up, whether that’s saving for a short-term goal like a summer holiday, creating a financial buffer with a rainy day fund, or a putting money aside for a larger goal such as a deposit to put on your first home.

If you are employed, an easy way to set aside money is through a payroll savings scheme. With this system, you decide on a set amount of money to be transferred directly from your salary into your savings account.

Many people who use payroll savings claim they barely even notice that it’s gone. But come that big-ticket occasion such as Christmas, a wedding or purchasing your first home, it makes all of the difference.

Cambrian Credit Union runs Moneyworks payroll savings schemes with many of north and mid Wales’ largest employers including Airbus, Pennaf, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and all of our local authorities.

What’s more the website has some excellent budgeting tools to help you get your finances on track.

For more information on payroll deduction or to find out how your employer can set up a savings scheme, go to and click on ‘payroll deduction schemes’ or call 0333 2000 601.