A WREXHAM man stole a significant amount of alcohol, cakes and chocolate to 'give as Christmas gifts to homeless people.'

Daniel Olsiewicz, of Bradley Road, appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old admitted that on December 18, he stole alcohol and food worth £205.80 from Morrisons in Wrexham.

Suzanne Cartwright, prosecuting, told the court the offence Olsiewicz admitted spoke for itself - and that it was followed by a "no comment" police interview.

It put him in breach of a suspended sentence imposed in February last year.

The Leader:

Ceri Lewis, defending, told the court: "He gave a no comment interview, while he was unrepresented at the police station - but he fully accepts his guilt as far as the offence is concerned.

"It's not sophisticated at all. He walks in, loads up with 20 bottles of prosecco, numerous cakes and chocolates and walks straight out again.

"She says he was stealing to get some gifts for homeless people, to try and make them happy.


"He has no issues regarding alcohol or drugs and has very limited means due to the fact he's lost his passport, so can't get valid employment."

District Judge Gwyn Jones handed down a fine of £150 and ordered Olsiewicz to pay £205.80 in compensation to Morrisons, as well as £85 in costs.

He warned the defendant that it would be up to the Crown Court to decide whether further action should be taken with regards to his breach of the suspended sentence.