WE TOOK a trip down memory lane last weekend when we asked our readers what their favourite cartoon or TV show was when growing up.

It's always a great moment when you remember something you used to love during your childhood.

As always, the answers did not disappoint...

Can you guess the top answers? Of course it's the absolute classics Top Cat and Tom and Jerry.

The mischievous duo had us all in stitches back in the day, perhaps that's why they created a film adaptation of the latter back in 2021. As for Top Cat, Benny was a memorable favourite for our readers.

Ghostbusters, Thundercats and Inspector Gadget were also among some of the most popular shows mentioned; all fantastic animated series from the 80's.

The Leader:

Who can forget Scooby Doo? It's hard to believe the hit franchise was created back in 1969 with so many iconic adaptations and films that have been created since. A personal favourite has to be the 2002 film set on an island resort.

Jamie and his Magic Torch with the "best theme tune ever", said one reader.

Did anyone else watch The Flintstones? This animated masterpiece remains to be a huge hit among our readers with an impressive 166 episodes to enjoy.

One reader admitted to enjoying anything that featured the much-loved character Bugs Bunny created by Warner Bros. 

For our adventure fans Vicky the Viking came out on top revolving around a young boy who accompanies his father, a chef, and his men involved in an adventure.

Andy Pandy, Rugrats and Ivor the Engine were given a worthy mention. Not to mention Rosie and Jim living on their narrowboat from Birmingham. (Who has now got the theme tune stuck in their head?)

A popular choice which has since become more popular in recent years is Pokémon. Which one was your favourite?

For the fans of a great drama series, Grange Hill was the most frequent answer. With over 31 series, this British show portrayed life in a typical comprehensive school. 


Other honourable mentions have to go to Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, Dangermouse, Bagpuss, Willow the Whisp, Dungeons and Dragons, Animals of Farthing Wood and Poddington Peas.

Unga bunga! Of course, we can't forget to mention the American mystery show Captain Caveman. 

Were any of your favourites mentioned? What a great throwback and trip down memory lane.