A CHURCH may seem an odd setting for a new club about horror films but it actually couldn't be more perfect.

The new monthly event is launching in Flintshire, and is looking to start debate and bring people together.

Taking place at St Ethelwold's Church in Shotton, the H.A.T. (Horror and Theology) Club, will watch horror films and then discuss elements of faith in them.

Organised by Revd George Bearwood, the first film to be screened inside the stunning and slightly spooky Deeside building, will be 2021's The Unholy.

Starring The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the film centres around a girl with hearing impairment, who is miraculously able to hear, speak and even heal others after having visions of the Virgin Mary. But as Morgan's journalist probes into events, he discovers a conspiracy.

The Walking Dead, itself in the horror camp, has a thread of faith running throughout the zombie apocalypse series. And it's a subject that's difficult not to spot in many things once you start to realise.

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Revd Bearwood, 60, a big horror fan since childhood, is excited about the H.A.T. Club.

He said: "Film, music and social media all have such an influence on people, and we consume so much without really taking on board what's being said.

"Horror movies mirror a society, reflect life. For example the film M3GAN explores the dangers of AI.

"The Bible is full of horror, it's the basis of all horror literature and stories in a certain sense.

"If the church engages in pop culture, it will help bring communities into the church. Clubs like this will hopefully provide a small bridge between the two."

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Talking about the first meeting's screening of The Unholy, Revd Bearwood says it will allow for a discussion about where do miracles fit in with the modern world, would we recognise them if we saw them, and false prophets - "how do we know the truth is the truth?".

The films will be shown on a large screen, and while debate is serious, potentially covering difficult subjects, it's intended to be done with a light touch.

While the genre of horror may shock some, Revd Bearwood adds: "In most of these films it highlights that good almost always triumphs. I want to highlight that light will extinguish dark.

"They bring up interesting discussions about where do we find God in those difficult-to-watch films, and it's important in today's world.

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"That we hang on to the idea that out of that darkness will come light, that out of that situation will come something good."

He says all are welcome and asks that those looking to attend, do so with an open mind.

The first meeting of the H.A.T. Club (over 18s only) will be on Friday, February 23 at 6.30pm, inside St Ethelwold's Church, Shotton. Popcorn will be included. Parking is available.

Future meetings will take place on the last Friday of every month, with March's film set to be Nefarious (2023) and a mix of modern and classic titles to follow.