AN ELDERLY woman from Wrexham is searching for new accommodation after her forever home was destroyed in a landslide.

Patrica Wynne, 88, is seeking accommodation following the devastating incident that damaged her home of 65-years.

The first wall began to fall in October 2023 followed by a landslide which has left the house in Moss Valley subsided.

Patricia was forced to move out immediately until it is repaired.

The Leader: A recent image of Patricia's houseA recent image of Patricia's house (Image: Eve Walker)

After three-months of communicating with Patricia's insurance company, sadly a temporary home has yet to be found for her. She has also been a high priority for an adult assessment for sheltered housing but is yet to receive this.

Patricia is now living with family in a house which is currently up for sale but is desperately seeking a bungalow or accommodation at ground level due to her mobility issues.

The bedroom has been brought downstairs for her since moving in due to not being able to use the stairs, isolating her even further.

The Leader: The condition of the wall prior to the house collapsing The condition of the wall prior to the house collapsing (Image: Eve Walker)

It is estimated the repairs will take six-months to complete, but with constant rejections from landlords and estate agents, the stress is taking a toll on the whole family.

Eve Walker, Patricia's granddaughter, said: "This incident has had a huge impact on my Nana’s regular lifestyle and everyday routines, and has caused her to have anxiety, sleepless nights, stress and fear of not having anywhere to live.

"As a family, we are all worried about the situation and devastated that we are struggling to get any sort of answers from Wrexham housing, we have also tried to rent privately but have had many struggles with this. 

"My Nana’s home holds countless memories, it’s the place where we all lived our childhoods, and to us, it was our happy place."

A spokesperson from Wrexham Adult Social Services said: "Mrs Wynne is currently on our Occupational Therapy  housing list waiting for a housing assessment.

"Should a potentially appropriate property be identified by Housing then we will request that the required assessments are completed as a priority.

"We understand the pressure and want to reassure that there are no delays from Occupational Therapy in ensuring the allocation of ready to let void properties."


Val Wynne, Patricia's daughter, said she is "disgusted" with the length of time it has taken for her mother to be assessed for housing.

She said: "I feel like it’s turned into a full time job to try and get results."

Despite the endless frustration and countless setbacks, Patricia is trying to hold out hope that her situation will be resolved soon.