THE anti-social use of bikes in a Flintshire community is "an incident waiting to happen," it has been said.

North Wales Police launched an appeal on Friday following anti-social behaviour at Talacre involving the use of off-road motorbikes and quad bikes.

A spokesman for the force said the vehicles had been used on the beach and at the dunes - reminding the public that the site is an SSSI location home to a number of wildlife species.

Following the appeal, Mostyn County Councillor Pam Banks told the Leader the use of off road and quad bikes is also problematic in her ward, describing the situation as "a nightmare."

She explained: "The thing I hear the most from residents is about the noise.

"People on these bikes go into private fields right by where people live so they're hearing all of this.

"And the other thing is that when you have people riding them up and down roads - without helmets on - is that there are also pedestrians and people walking dogs.

"It's just an incident waiting to happen.

"The police have been out on quite a few occasions but I don't know how they can police it.

"It has been a problem in Talacre for quite a few years but it's a nightmare in Mostyn as well."

Cllr Banks also suggested a dedicated space for bikers to use could result in a significant improvement.

She added: "To be fair, there isn't a lot for the young people in Mostyn to do.

"I think most of the time it comes down to boredom.

"If they want to ride these bikes, I think it could be better if they had a field they could go to.

"If it was done properly, and safely, it wouldn't be a nuisance that way. It could benefit everyone."