A £5.4m cut to the schools budget was approved at Wrexham Council's Executive Board meeting today (January 23). 

The Leader reported last week that the proposal was to be made to the Executive Board amid "unprecedented times" for the local authority. 

At the Guildhall today, members unanimously approved the recommendation from council leader Mark Pritchard as the authority aims to fill a budget gap of £22.6m for next year. 

Schools in Wales have already voiced concerns over the budget cuts and lead member for education Phil Wynn noted that heads across Wrexham said there would be "unforeseen consequences" as a result. 

In total, £10.6m has been saved from the budget, leaving a £10.5m gap to be found in the coming months ready for 2024/25. 

The authority is also facing a gap of £5.4m for this year's budget. 

In this morning's meeting, Cllr Pritchard said the decision was made with "a heavy heart."

He added: "None of us want to be cutting services, making redundancies, job losses and in some areas stopping services. 

"This is the first of many reports that will come through this process and it's extremely difficult for us all. 

"During the next month or so the decisions made in this Executive Board and that will go to full council will be devastating for this council. It's the same for the 22 authorities across Wales. 

"We've made representation to the Welsh Government but the frank nature is the settlement is what it is, we can't change it. 

"Welsh Government decided to spend the money and not give us an increase, so that's where we are and on top of that we really don't know where we are with the grants. 

"We have had some information, but that will trickle slowly towards us, but some of those decisions will come after we've set our budget, it's impossible. 

"It's a very difficult time for all of us."


Cllr Phil Wynn added: "There isn't enough money in the system to meet the inflation pressures and also the additional demand on our services. 

"As lead member for education, I cannot see where we can find additional money at this time to soften the impact. 

"The challenge is severe and with a heavy heart I have no option but to support the report."