AN EVENT was held in Wrexham to offer advice and support to anyone with mental health concerns for themselves or others.

Run by PCSO Alison Heron, of the Wrexham Rural policing team, it took place in Johnstown. It saw several mental health agencies including MIND, Samaritans, Dragon Chat, Parpyrus, KIM Inspire, Advanced Brighter Futures, In2Change and Caniad come together and have face to face chats with people to provide information on the work they do to help and help guide people in the right direction.

PCSO Heron said: “Together, as partners, we are working together to further support anyone who is struggling with their mental health. The aim of the event is to ensure anybody who feels they are struggling can get the support they need.

“I would like to stress to anyone who is struggling with their mental health, that help is out there, and you are not alone.”

Inspector Matt Subacchi added: "A big thank you to all the organisations that have come here today to support this mental health support day. A fantastic piece of work done, not just by Ali Heron but all the staff that are here to help her."


He added: "Mental health is a part our lives now, not only members of the public but emergency services and agencies.

"It's really important that we all come together to work together to find solutions to improve the communities that we work in, and the service we can provide as the police."

Further events will be taking place in the coming months, which will be advertised on the Wrexham Rural policing team page.