A WREXHAM playgroup has become a full daycare service after securing £5,000 in funding from Tesco's Stronger Start Scheme.

Using the grant money for provisions and equipment needed for afternoon care, Bellevue Playgroup Limited will once again be a full service, full daycare group like it was before the Covid lockdown.

The money was awarded after shoppers in Wrexham were given the chance to vote for a local good cause that would benefit from Tesco’s Stronger Starts funding.

Registered nurse and trustee at Bellevue Playgroup, Helen McCarthy said: “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us.

“It is an amazing feeling to know that the community around us wants us to grow just as much as we want to.

“We have been caring for children for 50 years and the Wrexham residents never cease to amaze me with their generosity.

The Leader: Bellevue Playgroup Limited has become a full daycare service Bellevue Playgroup Limited has become a full daycare service (Image: submitted)

“This money will go a long way in providing full day care and we can’t say thank you enough.”

Bellevue Playgroup has been providing care for Wrexham’s babies and children for 50 years, giving children the necessary foundational skills needed for nursery and early primary school.

Schools and nurseries across Wrexham inherit many children who were once cared for in Bellevue Playgroup. The new service will create a space where Wrexham’s parents and carers can safely leave their children throughout the day.


Bellevue Playgroup’s £5,000 was a special part of Tesco’s Stronger Starts scheme, which typically gives shoppers a chance to vote for local good causes to receive a £500, £1,000 or £1,500 grant. 

Customers can support their local school and children’s groups by dropping the Tesco blue token they receive at checkout into the relevant voting box as they leave the store.

Claire De Silva, head of community at Tesco, said: “It is amazing to see how much our grant has helped Bellevue reach their goal of full daycare. They are doing some amazing things and have been doing so for so long.”