CAMPAIGNERS for improvements to access at a Wrexham railway station have repeated their calls for funding to be made available.

The Welsh Labour Government wants to see lifts installed at Ruabon Railway Station to help people with mobility issues, families with young children and commuters carrying heavy luggage move between platforms.

Clwyd South MS Ken Skates raised the issue in the Senedd this week and was told the Welsh Government is ‘doing everything we can at our end’.

Addressing Deputy Minister Lee Waters, who is responsible for transport in Wales, the Clwyd South MS asked: “Will the Minister provide an update on plans to improve Ruabon Station?”

The Leader: Ken Skates MSKen Skates MS

Mr Waters responded: "Yes. Thank you to Ken Skates, who has been a consistent champion of Ruabon Station. We agree it has great potential, serving a wide area and is the rail gateway to the World Heritage Site at Pontcysyllte. We continue to press the UK Government for funding of the delivery of a new access-for-all bridge at the station.”

While transport is devolved to Wales, responsibility for station infrastructure remains with the UK Government.

Mr Skates said campaigners for the improvements at Ruabon were left disappointed once again when, in November, the UK Government announced funding for other Welsh stations.

Responding to the Deputy Minister this week, Mr Skates added: “As you know, the Welsh Government has worked incredibly hard to try to get the improvements necessary at Ruabon Station. But back in November, there was the announcement of six stations in Wales that will receive upgrades, and Ruabon was not amongst them.

“Could you identify the reasons why you believe Ruabon Station has not yet benefited from the upgrades that so many passengers require of the station? Is it a problem with Network Rail or UK Government? Because I do understand that Transport for Wales has been pretty consistent in supporting the necessary works.”


Mr Waters said: “I can confirm that Ruabon Station is one of our top priorities for delivery in Wales through the UK Government's Access for All scheme. Transport for Wales are working closely with Network Rail on that, and a final outline design is due at the end of March. So, I think we're doing everything we can at our end.

“A new accessible bridge at Ruabon would make a significant difference there, but we can only take it forward if the UK Government funds it."

The Welsh Government’s first bid for funding was a replacement bridge with lifts, and the second for a reduced cost alternative which would see lifts fitted to the existing footbridge. Both were rejected.

Mr Skates and Ruabon councillor Dana Davies have worked alongside the Friends of Ruabon for years to campaign for improved access at the station.

The UK Government has been approached for comment.