WREXHAM AFC fans have had their say after it was confirmed the club's FA Cup tie at Blackburn Rovers had been moved to Monday night. 

The Reds reward for overcoming rivals Shrewsbury Town in the third round is a trip to Ewood Park to face the Championship side. 

With a capacity of over 31,000, many Wrexham fans had hoped for a big allocation, similar to the likes of Coventry City and Sheffield United last season. 

However, over the weekend it was confirmed that the tie had been moved to Monday, January 29, to be broadcast on BBC Wales. 

As a result, thousands of Reds fans who were eyeing up a trip to Ewood Park are no longer able to attend due to work and other commitments. 

Plenty of fans had their say on social media following the announcement. 

Nige Griffiths said: "That's spoilt a great day out for about 6 to 7 thousand people... kids have school the next day too."

Phill P added: "Rubbish decision. Football is no longer about the fans that go to games and will mean some cannot go."


AndyMac79 said: "Shocking decision that has ruined this tie for so many people, so many families. In situations like this do we have the choice to turn the offer down?"

Paul Jackson said: "Shocking decision."

Not all Reds fans saw the negative side. 

Paul Williams said: "We're on the tele let that sink in, little old Wrexham Town are on the tele what does that tell ya? Get used to it."

Kevin White added: "No matter where or when, we will be there."

While Ada Walla said: "Fans will have to get used to this if club progresses any higher. Games take place on Monday, Thursday, and even Sunday evenings now just for TV. If it went to a replay it would be a Tuesday like Sheff U last season. Still be good turnout regardless."