THE headteacher of a Flintshire primary school has spoken of her pride at their latest Estyn report.

Queensferry CP School was visited by inspectors in November last year, and their report is out now.

Inspectors noted: "Queensferry CP School is a happy, vibrant school where pupils thrive. The school is highly inclusive, ensuring that all pupils feel safe and happy.

"Pupils enjoy coming to school and are proud to be a part of such a reassuring learning environment."


A mural at Queensferry CP School, in which every pupil at the school at the time had a part in.

A mural at Queensferry CP School, in which every pupil at the school at the time had a part in.


On headteacher Alison Wyn-Hughes' leadership and her team, the report added: "The headteacher provides strong and caring leadership and knows the school well.

"The team works purposefully alongside the governing body to secure improvements for the school. Together, they understand school strengths and areas for development and plan accurate strategic actions to secure improvement."

The report also stated: "The school's curriculum takes account of pupils' interests. Teachers and teaching assistants are skilful and support pupils to develop a range of skills well.

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"The school places a strong emphasis on supporting the wellbeing of all.

"Provision for pupils with ALN is comprehensive and leaders ensure that provision is suitably adapted to meet pupils' needs. There is a strong culture of safeguarding."

Mrs Wyn-Hughes, headteacher at the school of 137 pupils since September 2021, said it was a reflection of the hard work put in by staff.

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She said: "For me, I couldn't have been more proud about what was picked up in the report and celebrated.

"We instil a pride in our school, and have embraced the new curriculum.

"At the heart of the report is the dedication and commitment to the children and their enrichment.

"Even the recommendations are aspirational and focus driven."

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There were only three recommendations, which included the chance to "improve opportunities for pupils to develop independence in their learning including when responding to feedback and understanding their next steps".

Mrs Wyn-Hughes added: "It's been a positive experience that the school deserves. I'm proud of our school."

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