A WREXHAM woman is advocating for reproductive health awareness following a difficult experience being diagnosed.

Katie Jackson is a teacher from Wrexham who openly voices the struggles she faced receiving her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis diagnosis.

The 25-year-old uses social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to raise crucial awareness for reproductive health difficulties and has now started her own support group.

The Leader: Katie following her surgery in July 2023Katie following her surgery in July 2023 (Image: Katie Jackson)

Determined to bridge the gap in women's healthcare, Katie set herself a goal to establish a Wrexham-based support group once she finally received her own diagnosis and recovered from surgery.

She said: "When I was navigating my diagnosis journey, despite having the support from my partner and family, I longed for connection with someone who truly understood what I was going through.

"I searched for individuals facing similar challenges but was unable to find anyone. It was through the Endometriosis UK website that I discovered their support groups, yet none excited in North Wales.



"Last November, I underwent training in Edinburgh with Endometriosis UK to bring this vision to life."

For over ten-years, Katie has struggled with extreme fatigue, excruciating menstrual pain and bowel issues.

After constantly being told her symptoms were purely stress-related or it was simply a 'bad period' Katie describes her GP visits as "deflating."

The Leader: Katie and her friends have been training for the '3 Peak' challenge taking place in May in aid of The Endometriosis FoundationKatie and her friends have been training for the '3 Peak' challenge taking place in May in aid of The Endometriosis Foundation (Image: Katie Jackson)

Eventually, she felt she had no choice but to opt for private medical care and was later diagnosed with PCOS and endometrioses following a laparoscopy surgery last July.

As well as starting a support group, Katie is also planning a '3 Peak Challenge' in May this year to raise crucial funds and spotlight The Endometriosis Foundation.

You can visit Katie's fundraising page here.

She describes the charity's founder, Carla Cressy, as a huge inspiration and said "her work is invaluable for educating and supporting others with the condition."

She continues: "Women's healthcare is awful, and too many people are being dismissed.

"I envision a diverse array of activities for the support group, and currently, I'm in the midst of planning our first event.


"These gatherings will serve as a platform for individuals battling endometriosis, those seeking a diagnosis, or even friends and family of those affected, to connect and share experiences.

"I also plan to host informative talks by professionals as well as giving you an opportunity of some ‘you time’ such as yoga sessions, walks, and coffee and cake!"

The Wrexham support group aims to offer a safe space to anyone struggling with their reproductive health.