FLINTSHIRE residents can now renew their subscriptions for the garden waste collection service for this year.

The service starts again from March 1 and runs until December 14, 2024, and the council is encouraging people to subscribe early to ensure they benefit from the full collection service for the season, as well as the preferential subscription rate available before February 28.

Subscriptions before this date, or online throughout the season, are £35 per bin. After March 1, the standard rate will be £38 per bin (if not paying online). You can sign up to the service at any point by visiting the council’s website, by calling the council on 01352 701234 or visiting your local Connects Centre.

Councillor Dave Hughes, Flintshire Council’s cabinet member for Streetscene, said: “We would like to thank everyone who has previously signed up for the brown bin collection service. As we look forward to the 2024 season, we would encourage residents to sign up early for this very popular service so that they benefit from the full collection service and reduced rate.

“We want to make sure that we encourage more people to recycle their garden waste. If you have any grass cuttings, leaves, hedge clippings, twigs, bark, and small branches, these can all be placed in your brown bin. The bins cannot be used for fruit and vegetable peelings, food waste, cardboard, paper, soil and rubble or pet litter, animal bedding and animal waste.

“All the garden waste collected is composted at the council operated facility in Greenfield. The compost produced can then be collected free of charge by Flintshire residents from one of our five Household Recycling Centres.”

To subscribe online, and for more information, please visit Flintshire Council's website at https://bit.ly/41PqNU6.


If you signed up for the garden waste collection service over the last couple of years (2022 or 2023) you will have received our new style sticker that had an RFID chip embedded within it. This means that when you sign up for the collection service this year you will not receive a new sticker, the one already affixed to your bin will work again.

The council has said to place your brown bin out for collection when the service starts again and your garden waste will be collected.

If you did not sign up to the service in 2022 or 2023 a sticker pack will be sent out to you once you have subscribed to the service.