AN ANIMAL rescue centre in Flintshire has released figures showing the reasons why pets came into its care last year.

Jackson's Animal Rescue, in Padeswood, has released the figures in the hope of educating people, and to make them think before taking on a pet.

The centre took in 341 animals in 2023, with reasons behind the rescues ranging from strays, allergies, children losing interest and people moving house. 

The Leader: Reasons behind animals being rescued by Jackson'sReasons behind animals being rescued by Jackson's (Image: Flourish)

Jackson's said the figures show the need for cats to be neutered.

A spokesperson said: "Something important to note is that while a huge percentage of our admissions were strays, very few were feral cats. We have only dealt with five feral Mum's this year due to us simply not having the pen space to help for most of the year.

"Aside from these five, every other stray cat has been friendly, and definitely a pet at some point. Most likely abandoned because of the other reasons listed above, but we will never know the reason."


They added: "We in no way have shared the information to shame anyone, but just to make people think things through before taking on a pet, and the importance of neutering.

"You can see how many were stray and from accidental breeding, and this wouldn’t be the case should people take responsibility and neuter their animals.

"If they adopted from a rescue then they would already be neutered, but sadly people continue to buy from Facebook and backyard breeders and breed their cats."