A WREXHAM sports retailer has hit a bullseye with the increased popularity of darts.

It would seem teen darts sensation Luke Littler isn't the only one taking aim, as Net World Sports report an increase in interest and sales in the sport.

With 16-year-old Luke's unbelievable run to the PDC World Darts championship final, the sport has reached a larger audience than ever before.

And it appears his breakout success has inspired Brits up and down the country to give darts a go.

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Sports equipment retailer Net World Sports, based at Wrexham Industrial Estate, report they have seen a 43% increase in darts equipment sales year-over-year YoY, with a 30% increase in dart board sales. The have also reported a huge 100% increase in sales for darts sets YoY.

There has been a 178% increase in clicks on their Dartboard Information Guide from December 1 to January 3 compared to last year.

With Luke Littler's Instagram page receiving 741,000 new followers throughout the tournament and Google searches for "darts" between December 3 to 30 increasing to 286k compared to 200k last year, the young player's impact could be huge for the sport.

Sky Sports have also reported that the World Darts Championship final was their most-watched non-football event ever, with a massive 3.75m viewers.

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Andrew Bird, marketing manager for Net World Sports, said: "The success of Luke Litter could be a groundbreaking moment for darts and inspire a new generation to get involved in the game.

"Throughout the duration of the World Championships, we've seen a surge in interest across our full range of darting products and informational guides, which coincides with Luke's amazing exploits at the oche.

"In total, there's been a 43% increase in sales year-on-year for the darts category. Standout performance comes from darts sets which have doubled in sales, whilst mats (+73%) and boards (+30%) have also recorded significant boosts.

"Fans up and down the country have really taken to Luke and want to try their hand at darts, which is further evidenced by our informational guide recording a +178% increase in clicks year-on-year."

• To find out more, visit: networldsports.co.uk