A FLINTSHIRE social club has secured vital funding to help it develop its goal of becoming a carbon neutral venue.

Christmas wishes have come true this year for those involved with Ewloe Social Club.

That is thanks to funding of £44,300 being provided for the replacement of the un-insulated roof of the main concert room.

The money has come via the UK Government's UK Shared Prosperity Fund and will help Ewloe Social Club with its ambitious plans for the future.

In 2020, the club's chairman Stuart Fox said that, in its current condition, it would become unviable in just a few short years.

But now, this new funding provided will be used for the replacement of the roof as part of the club's journey to become carbon neutral.

A spokesperson said: "Our club has served the communities of Ewloe, Hawarden, Buckley and the greater Deeside area for over 85 years. Our goal is to create a sustainable venue for the whole community to enjoy for the next 85 years”.


Local MP Mark Tami also applauded the efforts of all involved with the club.

He said: “Ewloe Social Club is a venue that has been at the heart of the local community since 1938 and currently hosts and supports organisations as diverse as Ewloe Green Primary School, Deeside Snooker League, Butterflies After Stroke Club, Deeside Pet Food Bank and North East Wales Chinese Ladies Association.

"It is also still used by the local health board as a Covid-19 vaccination centre. I pay tribute to Ewloe Social Club’s efforts so far and support it wholeheartedly in its carbon zero project. “

Work on the replacement of the old uninsulated roof will begin next month and will be completed before the end January.

A spokesperson said: “The savings in energy costs to keep all of our community warm will be significant, this in addition to our own self-funded reduction of over 43% this year. This represents 14 tonnes of co2e less and will reduce even further.

“Each week some 3,000 people from our local community use our facilities, be that members and visitors or from anyone of the 18 different organisations and charities who regularly attend.”

Cadwyn Clwyd and FLVC have been instrumental in obtaining the funding, powered by Levelling Up and Flintshire County Council. Enabling access to services in community owned venues and facilities.