WREXHAM'S Turf pub has raised an outstanding total for local charities and causes in it's annual Christmas fundraiser.

Wayne Jones, owner of The Turf pub, has confirmed a grand total of £11,189 has been raised for local charities and good causes across Wrexham.

All purchases from Wayne's Butty Van situated next to the Turf pub between Monday, December 18 to 23 has been added to the fundraiser for local causes in need of community support.

Wrexham residents were also given the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for just £2 to win the chance at one of the Football Association Wales' framed portraits which will be signed by AFC co-owner Ryan Reynolds himself. 

On Facebook, Wayne said: "Every penny we raise will support and better the lives of the people of our town.


"Your support ensures that the holiday season is not just about merriment but also about extending a helping hand to those who need it the most."

"Thank you to everyone for your incredible support."

Every penny raised will go towards making a significant difference to those in need this Christmas.