A "FANTASTIC" pub community rallied in support of an 88-year-old woman who had her purse pinched. 

Irene Stobbart, who lives in Buckley, was left devastated after a man conned his way into her home before stealing her purse, which contained nearly £90. 

Keith Daniels, known as Postie, heard of the incident from his future brother-in-law who lives next door to Irene. 

Keith is a regular at The Black Lion pub, and started a collection for Irene the night after the incident. 

"It was heartbreaking that someone could do that to someone who's of that age," he said. "She reminded me of my mum and I just wanted to see if we could raise a few quid for her.

"Within an hour we had raised £100. And by the end of the night over £200 had been raised by pub staff and patrons - which was incredible."

After the fundraiser, Keith, a taxi driver for Cresta Cars in Mold, drove Irene to The Black Lion so she could thank everyone. 


"She was really overwhelmed," Keith said. "Mark Thomas and the team at The Black Lion do so much wonderful charitable work. It's become a real community hub. 

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the collection. Irene brought a box of Heroes with her, as she said we're her heroes. It was so touching."

After news of the collection for Irene was posted on social media, dozens of people commented praising the pub.

One person said: "Well done the Black Lion - you serve the community well. What big hearts you have. I have always said it - Buckley folk are amazing, always sorting help with all kinds of problems for the people of Buckley."

Another added: "Well done all, a wonderful gesture - luckily still many kind people in Buckley."

A further comment said: "Well done everyone involved, true community spirit."