A NORTH WALES MS is urging residents not to get caught out by the 20mph speed limits this Christmas.

Sam Rowlands is warning motorists not to pick up an unwanted Christmas present this month.

Since September, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from being 30mph to 20mph.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to 'help save lives', but the move was met with serious opposition with nearly 470,000 people signing a petition against the changes made.

Now, Mr Rowlands - a harsh critic of the speed limits - is urging drivers to be aware of speed restrictions when driving.

He said: “Everybody knows that I am still totally against this ridiculous 20mph speed limit except outside schools and hospitals and where it is needed but with Christmas fast approaching it is worth reminding people to watch their speed."


“From this month the default, 20mph speed limit is being actively enforced and motorists risk being fined and given points on their licences if exceeding the speed limit.

“All this is going ahead despite clear opposition to the introduction of 20mph move with almost 470,000 people signing a petition against the crazy idea. We even had a magistrate resigning in Wrexham because he did not feel he could fine people for speeding in 20mph areas.

“Even now local councils in North Wales are currently looking to change back some roads to 30mph which, although welcome, is quite unbelievable and totally confusing for motorists.

“Meanwhile the 20mph fiasco continues and some people are driving at ridiculously low speeds in 20mph areas causing long tailbacks on roads which have never been affected before.

“The whole thing is a complete farce and as usual it is the people going about their daily lives who will suffer.”