AN INSPIRING friendship group has organised a group activity for Christmas Day to combat loneliness and support poor mental health.

Meet the five friends combating loneliness this Christmas;  John Churchward from Wrexham, Tom Goodwin from Conwy, Dave Jones from Bangor, Damon Alexander-Cole from Hawardon and Steve Upton from Newcastle.The Leader: John ChurchwardJohn Churchward (Image: John Churchward)

Together, the lads have organised a Christmas Day hike to connect with others who may be alone this festive season.

Due to the high success of Damon's hike which he arranged last year in the Peak District, the lads thought "lets not stop at the Peak District this year, lets create a hike in Snowdonia and The Lake District as well."

Individuals of all ages and abilities are welcome to join by following the Facebook page here. With over 200,000 existing members, it's a fantastic way to connect. 

John said: "The inspiration behind organising this Christmas Day hike stems from the increasing challenges related to mental health and loneliness, particularly during Christmas period.

"As a team, we believe that the simple act of spending time outdoors and engaging in physical activity can have a positive impact on mental well-being.

"The idea is to create a supportive community where people can come together, share the joy of Christmas, and combat the sense of isolation that can often be felt during Christmas.

"We all believe that no one should spend Christmas alone and I'm sure everyone would agree with that comment."

While Dave, John and Tom will be taking on the Y Garn which is located in Snowdonia National Park, Damon will be walking through the  Dovestone Reservoir, Winnats Pass and Roaches (Tour of the Peaks) and Steve is doing Catbells and Latrigg in the Lakes.


John continues: "Christmas can be a challenging time for many, heightened feelings of loneliness and contributing to the strain on mental health.

"By organising this Christmas Day hike, we aim to provide a supportive and active alternative for people who may otherwise find themselves alone.

"Connecting with nature, engaging in physical activity, and sharing the day with a community can bring a sense of belonging. We believe that through this event, we can contribute to breaking down the barriers of isolation, helping to combat the mental health challenges that can be heightened during this period."