FLINTSHIRE Council could have a Facebook page if Cabinet approves it at their meeting next week.

While the local authority does currently have an account on social media platform X (formally Twitter) they do not currently have a corporate account on Facebook.

A report ahd now  looked into the benefits of creating an account to meet the council’s Digital Strategy and achieve other “key strategic plans” by way of communicating and engaging with customers across Flintshire.

The report said: “The Customer Service & Communications Team will launch and manage separate English and Welsh corporate Facebook accounts, posting simultaneously, to use for emergency communications, sharing key messages, good news stories, as well as consultation and engagement activities from across the organisation.”


It also mentioned that the idea to introduce a corporate account has been “widely welcomed by colleagues across services” and they have received positive feedback.

Th Cabinet is recommended to support the introduction of a corporate Facebook account to help achieve priorities outlined in the Council Plan and Digital Strategy.

It is also recommended that they champion the introduction of a corporate Facebook account and use the platform to share messages with customers.

The Cabinet will meet on Tuesday, December 19.