AN ICONIC game show has returned to British screens this year featuring a 'mystic' contestant from Wrexham.

More than seven years after the show ended back in 2016, Deal or No Deal has finally returned.

Previously hosted by Noel Edmonds, the new series is now airing on ITVX hosted by Steven Mulhern with a new line up of eager contestants.

One of which is Jamie Foulkes, 34, from Cefn Mawr who applied for the show in January this year.

After a couple of interviews held in Manchester, Jamie was selected to feature on the hit show and has quickly become an audience favourite with his wit and charm.

He said: "The experience was just surreal from start to finish. Everyone got on really well and I've genuinely made friends for life - especially Simon the other lad from Wales. We met at the interview and have had a proper bromance going on.

"When you see a fellow contestant leave with a low amount it does make you sad as you get really close and want everyone to do well.

"Sometimes greed can take over, that's why you need your friends, family and the other contestants to keep you grounded."

He confirmed his episode will air on Friday, December 15 - the final episode of the series.

Jamie added: "Everyone predicted I'd be the last episode being the entertainer and class clown of the group.

"Do I win or not? You'll have to tune in to find out!"

The popular Welsh contestant has also been given the nickname 'mystic Jamie' after predicting what a fellow contestant had in his box which was brought to the main playing table. Ever since, it has become a continuous joke on the show.


The aim of the game is to eliminate boxes which each contain either a high 'red' amount or low 'blue' amount - leaving one contestant with money prize offered by the mysterious banker.

So far, nobody has been lucky enough to secure the top prize of £100,000, with many sadly going home with a 'blue box' amount of just a few pounds.

Deal or No Deal airs weekdays at 4pm on ITVX.