A GAMING club is going from strength to strength as it celebrated its fourth anniversary at its current home.

Over 60 people attended the celebratory event at the Deeside Defenders Gaming Club, based at the Daniel Owen Centre in Mold.

They included volunteers, members and Mold's deputy mayor. The club has not only grown significantly in recent years but has become a welcoming haven for over a hundred members from all walks of life.

Four years ago, the Deeside Defenders faced a significant challenge when they lost their historic home. However, adversity brought opportunity, and their partnership with the Daniel Owen Centre was born. The club found a new venue and became instrumental in supporting and revitalizing the Daniel Owen Centre.

The Leader: John Wooley, the club chairman, with cllr Sarah Taylor, the deputy mayor of Mold.John Wooley, the club chairman, with cllr Sarah Taylor, the deputy mayor of Mold. (Image: User generated content)

The Deeside Defenders have expanded their offerings, catering to diverse interests. Board games, RPGs, wargaming, Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons evenings are regular features twice a week.

Moreover, the club hosts engaging weekend events for members and the wider public, encouraging everyone to participate, have fun, and forge new connections.


​A spokesperson for the club said: "We want to extend an open invitation to everyone in the area.

"Our doors are wide open, and your first-time membership is on us. Come join us every Thursday from 6.30pm at the Daniel Owen Center. Challenge yourself, meet new people, and make friends - all while having a fantastic time."

The club said its growth, inclusivity, and commitment to fostering a welcoming atmosphere have driven its success. It's not just a club; it's a community where everyone finds a place to belong and thrive.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Deeside Defenders beckon you to be part of their vibrant community. 

For further information on how to join or upcoming events, prospective members are encouraged to reach out to the Deeside Defenders or visit the Daniel Owen Centre. Their website can be found at www.deesidedefenders.org.