THEATR Clwyd is back with a twist this Christmas as they're putting on a pantomime performance like no other.

I was lucky enough to be invited to this year's annual panto at the Theatr Clwyd in Mold, Flintshire, and I could not wait to find out what I was in for.

Performed in the theatre's Big Top while the primary theatre continues to be redeveloped, the three-sided audience was very effective in encouraging continuous audience participation. The venue itself had been transformed to feel like we had entered into the magical kingdom itself.

A highlight for me was the striking costumes which were phenomenal and truly elevated each character's likeable personality. A special mention to Nurse Nellie's gowns throughout the performance which were utterly joyous to see.

Phylip Harries who played the nurse certainly did not let us down with his humorous delivery and wit. The audience was captivated from start to finish when he was present on stage, delivering what I thought was likely his most enjoyable performance yet during his 20th year at Mold.

As with every panto, it's the sidekicks that will have you in stitches. Phylip makes the cringeworthy jokes and puns worth the agony of laughter you find yourself in as he woos and charms the audience with his naturally flirtatious persona. 

Award-winning Ben Locke secured the villainous role bringing his fresh and unique take to the part of Mordecai. You can't help but enjoy his mischief while simultaneously rooting for the good guys.

Not only did the cast perform superbly throughout, I was also taken aback by their ability to play several musical instruments to a very professional standard, fuelling the rock and roll elements of the show.


The range of 60s inspired musical direction also fit the show's expectation perfectly, from AC/DC and the Rolling Stones to Meghan Trainor and Coldplay, there was something for everybody of all ages to recognise and enjoy.

The show's enthusiasm and high-energy did not dip once as the finale found Beauty, played by Emma Kinney, perform a very much needed and appreciated modern day twist!

As a performance you won't find anywhere else, it is worth every effort to get yourself into the festive spirit before January 6.