PARKING charges could be reintroduced in council car parks in Wrexham from April 2024.

The council’s Executive Board is set to meet on Tuesday, December 12 to discuss the reintroduction of tariffs on parking in the city centre.

A report into the proposed charges specifies that the ‘free after 11am’ initiative, which is currently in place, has seen that some car parks are now operating at or above a “desired” 85% occupancy level mostly during the working week.

Analysis has indicated that some of these parkers are there for their place of work, and as a result are reducing availably for shoppers and visitors.

The ‘free after 11am’ was introduced to help recovery following the pandemic.

The report said: “During October 2020, a ‘free after 11am’ parking initiative was introduced, in order to promote visitors to the city centre, and support businesses during and after the pandemic. This initiative was never intended to be permanent and has resulted in a significant funding gap for Wrexham County Borough Council.”

It added: “In addition, the declaration of a climate and ecological emergency requires the council to consider its approach to transport, and encourage a shift to more sustainable transport modes. With investment in active travel, and in local bus services providing opportunities for alternative travel to many people, the timing is right to revisit our city-centre parking charges.”

Other than freeing up spaces, reintroducing charges would also generate income for the council, at a time of “emerging financial difficulties”.


The charges would be as follows:

SHORT STAY CAR PARKS: Market Street, Library, St Giles, St Georges Crescent, Waterworld Short Stay, Guildhall (Sat & Sun only).

For parking up to two hours,  tickets purchased from midnight to 11 am would be £1.50, and from 11.01 am to 11.59 pm is also £1.50.

For a max stay (three hours) tickets purchased from midnight to 11 am would be £3 and from 11.01am to 11.59pm would be £2.

LONG STAY CAR PARKS: Waterworld Long Stay, Crescent Road - tickets purchased from midnight to 11am would be £3 and from 11.01 am to 11.59 pm would be £2.

SEASON TICKETS: Waterworld, Crescent Road - £350 for 6 months

CONTRACT SPACES - £450 for 6 months

Members are recommended to “authorise the Head of Environment and Technical in consultation with the Lead Member for Finance and Performance to undertake the necessary statutory legal consultation required for the implementation of the charges from 1 April 2024” detailed as above.

They are also recommended to “explore opportunities to improve effective management of car parks at entry and exit points”.