WITNESSES have described the moment a car 'crashed through the front door' of the Maelor Hospital. 

Emergency services were called to reports of a road traffic collision at the hospital in Wrexham shortly before 2pm on Wednesday (December 6). 

The single-vehicle collision involved a car 'crashing through the entrance' of the main doors at the hospital. 

The area surrounding the revolving door at the Maelor was quickly cordoned off by police, with members of the public being diverted away from the entrance. 

Work on removing the vehicle from the entrance continued as patients attending appointments were redirected around the side of the hospital. 

Heavy traffic gathered on Watery Road outside the main entrance to the hospital, with staff diverting motorists away. 

Several witnesses, who wished to remain anonymous described the moment the incident occurred. 


One person said: "I just don't understand how it happened really, everything looked to be as normal then all of a sudden the car smashed into the door. 

"Luckily there were people on hand who went straight to the vehicle and helped the lady out of the car, then the nurses took her away. 

"Hopefully the woman involved is okay and no one else was hurt."

Another person said: "It all happened so fast, it's not something you expect to happen is it? 

"It's always pretty busy outside here with all the cars picking up and dropping off but this is something else, the car crashed through the front door.

"The poor woman looked pretty shaken up so hopefully she's okay, it must have been quite a shock."

The kindness of people first on the scene was praised by one individual, who said: "People were so quick to rush over to help the woman. 

"The car properly smashed through the door, it was quite worrying to see really as you don't quite know what's going to happen. 

"But there were people on hand straight away and the fire service and police were here really quickly."