A DAD spoke of his pride after helping his son to raise hundreds of pounds for a good cause.

Paul "Pod" Holland, from Llandudno, attended Wrexham AFC's clash with Yeovil Town at The Racecourse on Sunday with his nine-year-old son, Alfie.

The Leader has reported on the kind-hearted endeavours of Ruabon-based St Mary's School pupil Alfie before - when he raffled off a signed Wrexham shirt in a bid to help two North Wales foodbanks earlier this year.

At Sunday's match, Alfie and Paul were joined by food vlogger Dad Loves Food, who held an auction on his Facebook live for another of Alfie's signed Wrexham shirts.

The effort raised £300 - £50 of which will be given to the supporter who put up the initial money to buy the shirt and £250 of which will be going to the Llandudno Ladies Football Club.

Paul, from Llandudno, confirmed the auction was won by a man named Paul Stanworth, from Durham.

He explained: "Dad Loves Food asked Alfie how much he wanted to set as a target, and he said £300.

"When someone got up to that amount, he turned to Alfie and asked; deal, or no deal?

"Alfie said deal and that was it! I'm sending out the top today and I am going to be meeting Llandudno Ladies Football Club to give them £250.

"They have told me they're going to get training tops with the money.

"Alfie brought a proper FA Cup with him on Sunday and people, as well as the players, couldn't believe how good it was.

The Leader: Alfie and his FA Cup with Wrexham AFC players (images: Paul Holland)Alfie and his FA Cup with Wrexham AFC players (images: Paul Holland) (Image: Provided by Paul Holland)"I couldn't believe how well the auction went - someone put up £90 straight away.

"And Alfie was just laughing, he couldn't believe it either."

Paul explained he and Alfie are planning to do another signed shirt sale after the New Year to raise money for food banks again.

He said: "I'm very proud of him, what he does for charity as a nine-year-old is just unreal.

"I'm a Man City and a Wrexham fan - but Alfie is just Wrexham through and through.

"Because I live in Llandudno and he lives in Ruabon, football days are out thing - our dad and son time.

"We just love it."