A POPULAR Wrexham florist has been endorsed by Ryan Reynolds on an Aviation Gin advert. 

The star Wrexham co-owner's latest promotional video for his gin brand saw him instead shift the focus to a Wrexham city centre business. 

In the advert, Ryan says: "As co-chairman of Wrexham AFC, I am proud to support the entire city of Wrexham - that's why I'm donating this Aviation Gin commercial time to a beloved local business."

The video then pans to shots of Regent House of Flowers - based on Yorke Street in Wrexham, with narration from Ryan himself. 

I cannot thank @VancityReynolds
Enough for this opportunity, its been a hard 3 years for me personally , this whole experience helped put my spark back & determination to keep us here thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience ❤️ https://t.co/i9Kr62RQpS

The shop's owner, Laura Evison, who has been working there for the last 35 years, admitted to being left stunned after Ryan's approach. 

"It all feels very surreal," she said. "Ryan's people came and filmed in September, and it was incredible for my staff. I have the most amazing support team in Harriett, Natalie, Jess and Ron, who are my rocks. I'm so glad my team got to share the day and experience this.

"To see your business on an advert that is being broadcast in the US and to millions of people online is just amazing."

Laura added: "What Ryan and Rob have done for Wrexham is just phenomenal. I don't think anyone could have envisaged just how amazing they'd be not just for the football club, but for Wrexham as a whole. 

"I'm so grateful for Ryan for giving us the opportunity to be showcased and help put us on the map."


After Regent House of Flowers shared the clip on X (formerly known as Twitter), Ryan responded with a heartfelt message. 

He posted: "I happen to love this ad almost as much as I love Regent House of Flowers."

The choice of Regent House of Flowers to be featured in the ad is a very popular one, with dozens of people commenting on social media on how deserving it is of the recognition. 

One person said: "That's fantastic. You've worked so hard you deserve it."

Another added: "You have always been a superstar to me and doesn't this just prove it. And reading through the comments on here goes to show all the hard work, blood sweat and tears that I know goes with running a small business has paid off."