A CHRISTMAS single featuring employees from Wrexham's M&S store has topped the iTunes charts.

Jane Jarvis and Jo Cunningham have given years of service to Wrexham's M&S and are making it extra special this year by featuring in the retailer's Christmas hit.

Colleagues from nine stores across the UK, including Wrexham, joined forces with Team Romford to launch 'Maybe this Christmas time' on Monday, November 27 for a bid for the coveted Christmas No.1.

This was the third and final bid from the team to top the Christmas charts.

And today, on its release date, it has been confirmed that the song has managed to reach the top spot of the UK's top songs iTunes charts within just two hours of the song being released.

Written by Team Romford member Jack Brooker, 'Maybe This Christmas Time' will help raise crucial funds for Young Minds, the UK's leading mental health charity for young people.

The excitement surrounding this release was palpable - with a brand new music video and an accompanying dance by Diversity, joining the release of the festive tune.

Now it’s number 1 on iTunes – M&S colleagues and customers across the country are beyond excited that the team have finally done it this year!


This year, the music video features M&S colleagues from 10 other stores across the UK including Wrexham, coming together at a festive dinner hosted by Team Romford.

Everyone brought their best Christmas jumper, an M&S food festive favourite and some iconic dance moves - all set to the soundtrack of “Maybe This Christmas Time.”

You can listen to the single here ...

Jack Brooker said: "I just honestly can’t believe it, it’s a dream come true. Everyone in Romford is absolutely buzzing and I know M&S colleagues across the country will be too.

"And what’s even better is every penny raised goes towards YoungMinds, a charity really close to mine and many colleagues hearts."

With in-song cameos of some of M&S’s best festive food, and even a shout-out to Peter Crouch with “Puddings is MASSIVE”, Team Romford and friends definitely brought the heat after sitting comfortably at rank number 2 on the charts in the previous two years.