ELTON John is a big fan of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as co-chairmen of Wrexham. 

Speaking to Gary Lineker for BBC's Football Focus, the iconic music star discussed his love for football and Watford FC. 

Elton John, a former chairman of the Hornets was labelled as the "first celebrity" football chairman by Lineker. 

He was then quizzed on his thoughts of Wrexham's Hollywood owners, who took charge of the club in 2021. 

Since then they have led the club to a promotion back into the EFL and have their eyes set on a potential rise to the Premier League. 


Elton John then added he believes Ryan and Rob will be having so much fun as co-chairman of Wrexham. 

He told the BBC: “It’s great and I phoned Ryan when they won and they got promoted and I just think it’s fantastic.

"They’re on the ride that I was on. It’s slightly different because times have changed but it’s no more un-exciting… it’s so exciting for them.

"I bet they have more fun doing that than any movie they’ve ever made.”