PEOPLE who go out on nights out in Wrexham and beyond have been urged to think before they act - after a punch left a man with a traumatic brain injury.

The Leader reported earlier this week how 25-year-old Liam Nikolic from Wrexham was jailed for 14 months for his attack on Dylan Hamblett in Wrexham City Centre.

Mr Hamblett fell after being hit by the defendant and struck his head on the concrete.

He was taken to Royal Stoke Hospital where he was treated for a traumatic brain injury and skull fracture - but suffered ongoing seizures, a change in his personality and issues in regulating emotions.

Maxine Thompson-Curl, founder and CEO of the national charity One Punch UK, lost her son Kristian in July 2011 after he was punched nine months earlier.

On a night out with friends in County Durham in September 2010, he was approached by a stranger looking for a cigarette - who then punched him and caused him to sustain a catastrophic brain injury.

The Leader: Maxine Thompson-CurlMaxine Thompson-Curl (Image: One Punch UK)

She said: "Kristian was 18 when he was hit, and he survived for nine months.
"He had to have a craniotomy on both sides and all he wanted was to get back to normality - to go to college and see his friends."

Following the sentencing of Liam Nikolic, Mrs Thompson-Curl, from South Shields, told the Leader: "Even before you get yourself into a scuffle - think about your alcohol limitations.

"You're responsible for keeping yourself and people around you safe.

"Be aware of what's going on and if something happens, think about it and walk away."

Speaking from her own experience of what can come of throwing a single punch, she continued: "Absolute devastation; not only for the victim but for the perpetrator too.

"It's indescribable and life-changing.

"My life will never be the same again - I'll never be the same person."

Mrs Thompson-Curl explained she and her husband Anthony Curl, co-founder of One Punch UK, will be launching their 'Punched Out Cold' awareness initiative on Friday, November 24 and will be campaigning to have the sentences on cases such as the one which resulted in the death of her son strengthened.

The Leader: Liam Nikolic (NWP)Liam Nikolic (NWP) (Image: North Wales Police)

She also urged the victim of Liam Nikolic to reach out to One Punch UK for support.

"There was no support there for us when Kristian passed away," she said.

"But if this young man wants to contact us, we'd be there as a support. I would hate for anyone else to go through what we have."

Mr Curl said while the charity hasn't had a great deal of engagement in North Wales to date, he hopes to do more.