A TELEVISION production company based in Flintshire has been named one of eight to receive funding from Channel 4. 

Osprey Television is an independent production company based in Shotton that delivers broadcast and multi-platform content, telling compelling stories through regional voices.

Last year, the company announced that it was part of the CH4 Emerging Indie Fund 2022.

Now, it has been named on the same list for 2023, Channel 4 has confirmed.

Eight production companies from across the UK have been named in this year’s Emerging Indie Fund with six other Nations & Regions based indies receiving discretionary awards.

Channel 4’s Emerging Fund offers an effective package of support to independent production companies to help them grow, secure more business and enhance their long-term prospects.

Benefits for indies in the Emerging Indie Fund include: financial assistance, regular access to a Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, regular contact with Channel 4’s Head of Indie Relations Rebecca Thompson; development workshops and more.


The recipients of this year’s main award are: Acclaimed Content (Birmingham); Curly Media (Bristol); Enon films (Sheffield); Frank Films (Bristol); Osprey Television (Shotton); Specky Productions (Glasgow); The Slate Works (Devon & Somerset); and Walk on Air Films (Belfast).

Discretionary awards will be made to: Blair Black (Belfast); Catman Media Ltd (Belfast); Lunar Lander (Sheffield); Rock Films (Birmingham); Rock Paper Productions (Newcastle Upon Tyne); and Schnoobert Productions (Newcastle Upon Tyne).

These companies will all gain access to 4Producers’ networking events, development workshops and funds to help towards development of programme ideas. They will also benefit from regular access to Head of Indie Relations, Rebecca Thompson.

Osprey Television managing director Hayley Jones said: "We are open to working with local talent and hearing from local people if they have any inspirational or interesting stories to tell. 

"They can contact us on info@ospreytelevision.com or via our website at www.ospreytelevision.com ."

Channel 4’s Director of Commissioning Operations Emma Hardy said: “The Emerging Indie Fund has shown it can make a tangible difference to production companies and help them grow and secure commissions.

“Since its launch in 2020, more than 30 N&R based companies which have been invited to be part of the Emerging Indie Fund have gone on to secure commissions which shows the impact the fund can have on helping indies become more established.”

Rebecca Thompson said: “This is a difficult time for indies, particularly small indies based in the Nations and Regions, so we are delighted to be able to support these companies to make them more robust and also help them shape their ideas to put them in the best possible position to win commissions.”

Launched in 2020, the Emerging Indie Fund has been specifically developed to help nurture up and coming indies, widen their networks and relationships and help them move on to the next level of their development.