READERS have been getting in touch to give their views on Wrexham being named one of the UK's best and cheapest nights out.

The Leader reported this weekend that the city has been listed among the top three best cities in the UK in that respect.

Wrexham saw off competition from the likes of Chester, Bangor and Bradford in the list which was based on data on the number of bars, clubs and pubs in each city; the average cost of a pint and a takeaway; and how safe a place is when walking alone at night. 

Wrexham was named the third-best night out in the UK behind Truro and Lichfield with a score of 67.83 out of 100 (under three points behind the top spot). 

And, according to the research, Wrexham also boasted the cheapest pint in the UK, with an average price per 0.5L of £2.

The list was compiled by and was based on data from sites including Tripadvisor.

But, what did our readers make of the announcement? 

Pam Price Martin said: "Totally rubbish the Town, sorry City is not the place it used to be."

Nia Marshall Lloyd added: "Night in or night out in Wrecsam? Night in!"

However, several other commenters were more than happy to back the city and its various venues.

Ryan Jones said: "Some of the comments on this are so defeatist, there are some decent pubs and bars in Wrexham these days. Support them instead of complaining on Facebook."

Andrew Gittins told us: "Love coming home to take in a game and sink a few pints as it’s normally £6 a pint where I live. A few pints of Ruddles at just £1.77 in Top Spoons and I’m a happy camper."


Peter Leslie said: "Just one example. Cara Hammond at Ty Pawb last week - an amazing show with excellent support acts, all for a tenner."

Brent Roberts wrote: "I’ve been going out in Wrexham for nearly 50 years and if you know where to go it’s the best it’s ever been. Support local beer, local pubs like Magic Dragon Brewery Tap and Magic Dragon Brewing, Wrexham Lager and Big Hand Brewery.

"We have an amazing music scene thanks to Kev Matthias and Brendan Griffiths and many others."

Dean Russell said: "Can't beat The Long Pull."