A REFURBISHED hospital kitchen scheme that allows patients to regain their confidence has been praised by a Member of the Senedd.

Sam Rowlands MS has shown support for the newly refurbished kitchen at Deeside Community Hospital where patients are being helped to regain their independence before going home.

Dorothy’s Kitchen will be used as part of therapy sessions encouraging patients to make hot drinks, snacks and hot meals.

The Leader:

This will ultimately help Occupational Therapists to assess patients and see how they will cope once they are home, and decide what further support they may need.  

Mr Rowlands said: “Dorothy’s Kitchen, named after the late Dorothy Hall whose estate largely funded the development is a wonderful idea and congratulations must go to everyone who has been involved in raising funds to make this happen, especially Fiona Moss, occupational therapist team lead and  Jan Williams, matron of Deeside Community Hospital.  

“I believe any initiatives which can help patients remain in their own homes and be independent should be supported and delighted to see something like this in North Wales.

“Not only will it enable patients to be discharged a bit quicker it will help to relieve some of the pressure on our hard working NHS staff."

Fiona said: “The kitchen helps our patients' do their day-to-day activities that they will need to be able to do at home. It will help with their independence, cognitive skills, confidence as well as boost their mental well-being whilst in hospital. 

“We use it to establish if they are able to sequence tasks and also to ascertain if there are any safety concerns.

"This gives us the opportunity to assess our patients in an environment similar to their own home, to see what level of support they may need following discharge.” 


Fiona and Jan managed to raise over £10,000 to develop the kitchen with other donations and support gratefully received from Flint Lions, Deeside Round Table, Shotton Community Council and Deeside League of Friends.  

Dorothy’s Kitchen includes equipment which suits all patients with both an electric and gas cooker/hob, as well as a rise and fall sink unit so that patients in a wheelchair can be assessed. 

Thanks to the new kitchen the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit has started a Baking Club for its patients as part of a new therapy session, with Asda in Queensferry donating items for patients to use.