WREXHAM residents are being encouraged to donate blood as statistics across Wales decline.

Blood stocks in Wales are currently lower than Welsh Blood would like them to be.

Last month, over 6,400 people across Wales donated in an act of pure kindness providing enough blood to save over 19,428, according to Welsh Blood.

The process only takes a few minutes and for someone in need, that blood could last a lifetime.

Donations are needed daily by hospitals to treat patients with a range of conditions, including mothers and babies during childbirth; cancer patients receiving chemotherapy as part of their treatment; and by patients involved in emergencies.

Appointments can be made across sites in Wrexham and Flintshire here. You can also check your eligibility.

Wrexham’s Member of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths has helped promote the work of the Welsh Blood Service over the years.

She said: “Continually engaging with new and existing blood donors is vitally important as encouraging them to roll up their sleeves and donate will safeguard blood stocks.

“Donating blood is safe, straightforward and over in a few minutes, but its impact is hugely significant. 

"The blood provided to hospitals will save some of the most vulnerable patients, including premature babies and cancer patients.  It is truly lifesaving and can make a world of difference.


“Sessions are regularly held at St Margaret’s Church in Wrexham, as well other venues across the region, and I would encourage local residents to help save people’s lives and sign up today.”

A Welsh Blood spokesperson said: "Giving blood is quick, simple and entirely safe.

"In Wales, we need 350 donations a day for current and future patients."