THREE generous Buckley residents are hosting a Christmas Dinner for those who are lonely or financially struggling this winter.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Dawn Love, Rebecca Cooper and Rhian Worsnip are hosting a Christmas Dinner at The White Lion where they all work from 12pm on Saturday, December 23.

The event will rely on public donations and a fantastic raffle with an array of prizes donated by local businesses. See their GoFundMe page here.

Over £250 has been raised so far towards their £1,000 goal. Any donations left over will be donated to local homelessness charities.

Amid the cost of living crisis, many residents are worried about the upcoming holiday. This community Christmas Dinner is a chance to socialise and get merry without the added pressure.

Places are best to be reserved by contacting The White Lion on 01244639846 or 07792261787.

Rebecca, 30, said: "My Nan went eight months without seeing my grandad when he was hospitalised from a serious stroke during COVID times.

"Her mental health deteriorated rapidly because of this which ultimately led to her death.

"I now care for my grandad who is paralysed and lives by himself with the aid of his wonderful carers.

"Speaking to him most days, I can see how loneliness affects people. It really is a silent killer."

Rebecca explains that her grandad's social bubble has reduced significantly over the years and he misses socialising with the community.

She continues: "When I heard that Dawn was wanting to create an event for the community, especially for those struggling with loneliness or finances, I immediately knew this was something I wanted to get involved with."


Nobody should feel isolated or that they are unable to afford Christmas. The three women want to give back to their local community and encourage anyone without judgement to book a place.

On the day, Rebecca and Dawn will be hosting the event. As well as a scrumptious dinner, Rebecca will be baking cakes and there will be an opportunity to dance to music and receive a gift.

The event promises to bring plenty of laughter and joy to the Buckley community and those who are struggling this Christmas.