A WREXHAM heritage craft exhibition has been launched with support from the 3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership.

The Brymbo community exhibition features the Stitching History wall hanging at the Brymbo Enterprise Centre.

3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership have been working with the community of Brymbo on the Stitching History project, creating a large wall hanging that depicts the fascinating history of the village. The wall hanging features the fossil forest, steel industry, railway lines and the organisations and community groups that live and work in Brymbo today, culminating in the Heritage Craft Exhibition.

Fiona Sammut, Brymbo Enterprise Centre manager and Tim Astrop, resident palaeontologist at Brymbo Heritage Trust, welcomed members from the various and individuals from the local communities who were involved in the exhibition's creation, to the centre to celebrate its launch to the public.

Public viewing of the Stitching History heritage craft exhibition.

Public viewing of the Stitching History heritage craft exhibition.

Tim Astrop, resident palaeontologist at Brymbo Heritage Trust explained the principles behind the establishment of the Brymbo Heritage Trust which involves bringing together nature, industry, and people. 300 million years ago, fossils deposited in plant matter led to the formation of coal seams which attracted people to the area, creating the communities that are still around today and which have been creatively captured in the wall hangings.

The heritage craft exhibition is available to view when the Brymbo Enterprise Centre is open, offering everyone the opportunity to visit and discover the rich local history of Brymbo and a chance to view the unique wall hanging created as part of the Stitching History project and some of the unique fossils from Brymbo Heritage Fossil Forest.

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Recordings of the oral history of residents, preserving important memories, and stories have also been made, which highlight the history of the railway lines that ran through the area.

Josie Rayworth, 3 Counties Connected Rail Officer said: "The Stitching History Project was set up to support Brymbo, a community with a unique geological and industrial history that has faced significant economic challenges. This project has helped further a sense of pride in local heritage, celebrating the industry and railway history that once defined the area."

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Brymbo councillor Paul Rogers, who attended the launch, said: "I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the project. The group have gone from strength to strength in recent months and I would like to see the group continue with the excellent work in the future."

Special thanks go to artist Gill Britten and centre manager Fiona Sammut. The Heritage Craft Exhibition will be open to the public from November 9, at the Brymbo Enterprise Centre, Blast Road, LL11 5BT. The centre is open Tuesday to Friday, from 9.30am-5pm.