PHIL PARKINSON believes it's "not impossible" for Wrexham to reach the Premier League under the ownership of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Reds manager Parkinson has told William Hill he believes the club to earn future promotion to the Premier League with the Hollywood owners at the helm. 

Rob and Ryan became co-chairman of the club in 2021 and last season achieved promotion to the EFL for the first time in 15 years. 

Wrexham currently sit 3rd in League Two, with eyes on potential back-to-back promotions up to League One. 

Premier League side Luton Town showed it is possible as they won the Championship play-off final 10 years after knocking Wrexham out in the National League play-offs.

Now the Reds boss has been speaking about Wrexham's chances of reaching the big time.

“Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have always said they want to take Wrexham to the Premier League,” Parkinson said at the FWA North West Awards.

“People may think they’re getting carried away with themselves, but when you look at teams like Luton Town and Bournemouth who have made it into the Premier League, it’s not impossible.

“That’s the beauty of the pyramid structure – anything can be achieved. There’s a pathway to get there. It’s not about running before you can walk, it’s about putting the structure in place and building a culture and identity. We have to be prepared for some ups and downs along the journey. I’m always thinking about winning the next game, but the club will ultimately be thinking about getting as far as they can.”


Parkinson also touched on the Welcome to Wrexham documentary, which covers the highs and lows of Rob and Ryan's ownership of the Reds.

“I enjoyed it to be honest with you!” he said.

“It’s almost part and parcel with football now, isn’t it? Lots of clubs have cameras follow them round. It was new to me and the staff, but we’ve just been ourselves and tried to tell the story. The most important thing for us is to just try and win games of football and earn promotion like we did last season, because that obviously helped to make the documentary successful.

“There’s been no acting – it’s been very authentic, and I think that’s what made it successful. I think initially it was aimed at the American market – and it’s been used successfully over there – but it’s been well received in the UK as well.

"That’s been great for the owners and for the people of Wrexham too – the club has had a lot of tough times over the past 15 years after almost going out of business several times, but this is great to put Wrexham on the map.”