A MUM from Wrexham has slammed the lack of support from the council regarding her living conditions. 

Samantha Howell lives with four of her six children at their home in Coed Aben, Wrexham. 

After "years of issues" with housing, which has left her home in "disrepair", two of her children sleeping on the floor and two children having to move in with their grandmother, Samantha has had enough. 

The mum-of-six claims Wrexham Council continues to put off completing necessary repair work at her home, including painting and various other issues. 

And despite her need for a bigger property to accommodate her children, Samantha says the authority won't allow her a move. 

She said: "The house is in disrepair, loads needs doing. There's mould in the bathroom, broken tiles and a number of walls need repainting.

"Workers have recently come out and fitted a new bath, but they've left a load of tiles loose, which needs fixing. 


"I've got two children having to sleep on the floor and two children have had to move out to my mums as there's no room for them in the house. 

"The council are aware of all the issues and the current conditions but aren't doing anything. I'm just stuck on what to do. 

"It's been ongoing for years and my family has separated because of it, it's not fair. Two of my children want to come and live at home, but they can't, they can't live in their own house as there's no room."

A Wrexham Council spokesperson said work has been done with more scheduled.

They said: “Work on this property has recently been carried out and other works have been allocated to one of our external contractors.

"It will not be necessary for the tenant to leave this property during these works.”