POLICE in Flintshire are 'outraged' after two police vehicles had tyres slashed last week. 

North Flintshire police are appealing to the public for any information following the incident, which took place at Holywell Police Station overnight on November 2. 

The force has slammed the act, stating it affected officers' ability to respond to incidents in the area and as a result, put the public in danger. 

Following the incident last Thursday, police are looking for any information to assist with their investigations. 


A North Flintshire Police spokesperson said: "Two marked Vehicles had tyres slashed at Holywell Police Station overnight on the 2nd November.

"Needless to say, this affected officer's ability to respond to incidents in the area, as there were no drivable cars available to officers in Holywell until the issue was resolved.

"Police Officers respond to 999 emergencies of a criminal nature, but they also respond to medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrests and give emergency first aid until ambulances arrive.

"Damaging Police vehicles in this way puts the public in danger, and will not be tolerated.

"We are certain that you the public share our outrage at the thoughtlessness lack of consideration for the safety of the general public in Holywell shown by the perpetrators.

"This is now an active investigation for the offence of criminal damage.

"If anyone has any information in relation to this offence, please contact us on 101 or you can report anonymously via Crime stoppers."