A NORTH WALES MS has raised air pollution concerns about the 20mph speed limit changes in Wales.

As of September, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government claims that the move will help to 'save lives', but the change has been met with great criticism with over 460,000 people signing a petition in opposition.

North Wales MS Sam Rowlands has strongly opposed the new speed limits for many months.

Last week, he urged Ireland not to 'make the same mistake' as Wales as it considers changing its speed limits.

Now, he has raised concerns over the air pollution effects the change could potentially have.


Mr Rowlands was commenting after it was revealed that a report from Newport City Council said that the switch could end up increasing air pollution.

He said: “It really is amazing that the Welsh Labour Government are continuing with this ridiculous policy. It is clearly time the whole idea was scrapped and motorists were left alone.

“How anyone can think that constantly changing gear and braking is not going to affect air pollution is beyond belief.

“It has been over a month since the bonkers speed limit was introduced, feelings are still running high across Wales, there is a lot of anger and frustration.

“Labour need to make a u-turn immediately and admit the whole policy has been a complete and utter disaster. It has to be scrapped.”

The Welsh Government says: "Whatever car you have, getting to 30mph requires more than twice as much energy as getting to 20mph.

"People surveyed say that traffic speed is a barrier to walking and cycling for short journeys, so by lowering the speed limit, we’re helping to create safer, quieter, and more pleasant environments where people feel safer to walk and cycle, further reducing air pollution and benefiting people’s health and the local economy.

"Welsh communities will become better places to live."