THE CHEAPEST current places to fill your car up in Flintshire and Wrexham have been revealed. 

Experts warned earlier this month that drivers are likely to face inflated fuel costs over the coming weeks, partly down to oil producer group OPEC+ restricting global supply.

The RAC also said the recent fall in the wholesale price of fuel "isn’t being fairly reflected on the forecourt" with data showing that petrol is being overpriced by around 7p a litre.

According to the RAC data, the average price of petrol is 155.49p nationally, while the average price of diesel is 162.08p. Motorway prices, which tend to be far higher than other UK forecourts, are currently 179p for petrol and 184.2p for diesel.

According to, as of October 27 the cheapest place to get unleaded petrol in Flintshire is the Shell forecourt on Holywell Road in Flint and Rhydymwyn Service Sation - where it's priced at 154.9p a litre. The next cheapest places are Asda Queensferry, at 155.7p per litre and Tesco Broughton and Mold (155.9p). 

In terms of diesel, Asda Queensferry is the cheapest at 160.7p a litre, closely followed by Newbridge Service Station and Rhydymwyn Service Station.

In Wrexham, Asda and Smithy View Service Station are currently the cheapest place to get unleaded at 150.7p, followed by Tesco and Sainsbury's (150.9p).

For unleaded, at 151.7p the the cheapest is also Asda - followed by Smith View Service Station and Sainsbury's at 151.9p.