WREXHAM University has opened a 'Shed Space' start-up entrepreneurial space to meet the needs of artistic students.

Wrexham University hosted an official opening of a student start-up entrepreneurial space at the School of Art on Regent Street.

Shed Space is a unique and innovative project designed to empower artistic alumni, providing them with their own dedicated spaces, so they can build their businesses while avoiding financial burdens. 

The launch saw Wrexham University staff, students, and local art enthusiasts witnessing the grand opening of the space.

The event was filled with inspirational and creative celebration, with the student tenants of the space having the opportunity to showcase their work with the wider university and external stakeholders.

The Leader:

The Shed Space was born out of a recognition of the specific needs of artistic students.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs find it challenging to access professional working spaces that accommodate their creative aspirations without financial hurdles.

This led to the creation of the "Shed Space" – a creative space for artists, a place where ideas and projects can develop into thriving businesses.

Steve Jarvis, the designer, has demonstrated visionary leadership and dedication which has been instrumental in bringing this project to life.

The project received unwavering support from the staff at Wrexham University's Art School, who recognize the importance of nurturing creativity in all its forms.The project was funded by YES project (Welsh Government), through the Enterprise department at the University.

The head of the Enterprise, Laura Gough said:” It was fantastic to see the vision come to life with almost all the shed spaces being taken by graduate businesses.”

Professor Maria Hinfelaar, Vice Chancellor of Wrexham University, said: "This project is a testament to the University’s commitment to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the students."

 Wrexham University invites students, faculty, and the entire community to explore the possibilities that the "Shed Space" offers.

Whether you're a creative entrepreneur or a passionate supporter of the arts, this is an opportunity to be part of something truly special.