STUDENTS across Flintshire are being encouraged to have their say on the Wales they want to shape in a 'Democracy in Action' event.

Hannah Blythyn MS, along with Jack Sargeant, Alyn and Deeside MS, met with pupils from Flintshire schools to discuss the issues they feel will shape the future of Wales and their own personal priorities for the community. 

Students from Ysgol Maes Garmon, Ysgol Treffynon, St. Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, Castell Alun High School and Hawarden High School met with Ms Blythyn at Coleg Cambria Deeside Sixth.

The Leader: The Youth Manifesto activity presentationThe Youth Manifesto activity presentation (Image: Jack Dunne)

The democracy day event, which takes place annually, featured sessions to allow young people to learn more about the democratic process and how they can influence it.

Ms Blythyn said: "The views of our young people are important to our democracy, and it was good to welcome representatives from schools across the county to take part in the discussion. 

The Leader: Jack Sargeant with colleague, Leaola.Jack Sargeant with colleague, Leaola. (Image: Jack Dunne)

"It is a privilege to be a voice for young people and I look forward to taking their ideas and visions forward and working together to put them into action. 

"When I was their age, I didn't think that I had a say or that politics wasn't for somebody like me. So, I think it's important they have an opportunity to learn more about what elected representatives do, but also to ask us questions and to act on their behalf."

Pupils cited matters such as the environment, school lunch menus, future work and the recent 20mph policy. 


They were encouraged to create a 'Youth Manifesto' whereby each group gave a presentation to Members of the Senedd on what changes they would like to see.

Jack Sargeant, Alyn and Deeside Senedd Member said: "Our Democracy in Action Day was a great opportunity to hear directly from young people about their priorities, including mental health and climate change.

"As the youngest ever Member elected to the Senedd, I know just how important it is that young people have a say in what their future will look like."