A FAMILY based in Deeside returned home from their holiday to discover a truly shocking delivery.

Toby Latham and his wife visited Dorset for a week to celebrate their son's birthday.

But when they returned to their family home, Toby couldn't believe his eyes when he discovered his post was covered in what appeared to be dried blood.

The Leader:

In his hallway, several parcels and letters had been posted by Royal Mail during their absence, but the envelopes were covered in smeared blood marks.

Without knowing the full circumstances, Toby, 31, said: "I feel disgusted that they have sent them in this condition. 

"I understand that accidents happen but this is pretty disgusting.

"I had to get rid of the letters as soon as possible as my son has a weakened immune system and I didn't want to risk him coming into contact with blood that we don't know the origins of."

In response, Royal Mail confirmed that sadly the postman on duty had been attacked by a dog during his round.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "The postman was badly shaken and bleeding following an attack by a dog.


"Some of the blood was transferred onto the letters he was carrying at the time of the attack. The plastic bag is a damage bag that he placed the mail items into."

In 2022, Royal Mail reported there were over 1,900 dog attacks on postal workers with an average of 37 attacks each week, seeing a 15% increase on the previous year.

Royal Mail would like to take this opportunity to encourage all dog owners to ensure they understand the often-devastating impact of dog attacks and take proper measures to ensure their pets pose no threat to postal workers.