MCDONALD'S has responded to the drive-thru requests by customers after confirming their future plans in Wrexham.

On Wednesday, McDonald's confirmed their plans to open a new venue at Wrexham's Central Retail Park - and there was only one question on people's minds.

The fast-food chain company has now confirmed there will not be a drive-thru. 

A company spokesperson said: "This restaurant won’t have a Drive Thru as there isn’t the space for it on the site."

Last month, Wrexham's Pizza Hut announced its closure after being given only two-weeks notice.

Yesterday, McDonald's confirmed its lease takeover with plans to build a new venue there by Spring 2024.


While many residents expressed their parking concerns regarding the new venture, many are excited to welcome another McDonalds to the city. 

Chris Bathers said: "About time! McDonald's with actual parking space."

Further updates on the progress of the new build will follow.