Helping you take the first steps to a 'better you'

Whether you are on a countdown to Christmas completing Sober October, moving into Movember, or need help with the stress of the cost of living, Aura Libraries have free and easy access books to support you.

Taking the first steps to helping yourself can often be the toughest for many reasons, including shame, fear or physical disability. Aura Libraries have a range of materials to help all types of conditions that are available from our libraries, or free to download from Borrowbox or Libby.

Here our some of our favourite and popular titles...

Not A Diet Book by James Smith

Not A Diet Book by James Smith

• Not A Diet Book by James Smith: Are you ready to change your life? James is armed with every tool you'll ever need to achieve incredible results from dieting, training, and staying in shape to identifying the fads, phonies and nonsense that get in the way of genuinely lasting progress. But this is so much more than just losing fat. It's getting to the root of why you always wear black; why you get undressed in the dark; why eating the foods you love make you feel guilty; why you're afraid to step into the gym; why your confidence is at an all-time low; and how all of this is having a negative impact upon all areas of your life, relationships and happiness.

This Naked Mind - Control Alcohol by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind - Control Alcohol by Annie Grace

• This Naked Mind - Control Alcohol by Annie Grace: Millions of people worry that drinking is affecting their health, yet are unwilling to seek change because of the misery and stigma associated with alcoholism and recovery. They fear drinking less will be boring, difficult and involve deprivation and significant lifestyle changes. This Naked Mind offers a new solution. Packed with surprising insight into the reasons we drink, it will open your eyes to the startling role of alcohol in our culture.

This Naked Mind – Nicotine by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind – Nicotine by Annie Grace

• This Naked Mind - Nicotine by Annie Grace: Tobacco is bad for us, that's a given. But even though you may know the negative health effects, nicotine's hold is strong, subconscious and emotional: It tastes good, it's a companion when you're alone and it can be a shield against stress. What if none of these things were true, though? What if nicotine actually tasted bad and didn't make you less lonely? What if it didn't relax you? It may seem hard to believe, and it's okay to be skeptical, but coming to a new mindset about smoking is the key to quitting. This book outlines science-backed, habit-breaking systems to vanquish tobacco addiction.

Bigger Than Usby Fearne Cotton

Bigger Than Usby Fearne Cotton

• Bigger Than Us by Fearne Cotton: Fearne Cotton seeks out the insight and advice of wise minds to explore what they can teach us to achieve happiness, connection and hope. Fearne weaves her own journey of discovery and personal stories with the deep knowledge, ancient practices and emotional tools of renowned spiritualists and thought leaders. With their help, she peels back layers of anxiety and self-limiting beliefs to find contentment and deeper meaning. Down-to-earth and relatable, Bigger Than Us is divided into three universal lessons that we can all learn, no matter who we are or what we believe: love, awareness and communication.

Reading Well

Aura Libraries also support the Reading Well campaigns, you will find these special collections at all Aura Libraries and some titles online. Many of these titles are also available in Welsh.

Reading Well for Children provides helpful reading to support children's mental health and wellbeing. The books provide quality-assured information, stories and advice.

Reading Well for Teens - Recommended reading and digital resources to help teenagers (aged 13-18) better understand their feelings, handle difficult experiences, and boost confidence.

Reading Well for Mental Health provides helpful information and support for managing common mental health conditions or dealing with difficult feelings and experiences. Some books also include personal stories from people who are living with or caring for someone with mental health needs.

Reading Well for Dementia - These books provide information and advice for people living with dementia, support for living well, advice for relatives and carers, as well as fiction, memoir and photographic books used in reminiscence therapy.

All these titles are, available to borrow from the Library or to download as eBook and listen to the audiobook for free from Borrowbox.

Let us know what you think about the titles, find us on social media - @LlyfrgelloeddAuraLibraries on Facebook and Instagram and @LibFlintshire on Twitter.

Activities at Aura Libraries

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Buckley - Rhymetime 10.30am

Connah's Quay - Craft and Chat 10am

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Flint - Rhymetime 10.30am

Holywell - Welsh Conversation 2pm

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Broughton - Scrabble Club 10am

Buckley - Lego Club 10am

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Don't forget, you can access our Warm Hubs everyday when our libraries are open, with free warm drinks, board games, puzzles newspapers and magazines and the chance to chat over a cuppa. All welcome.

From everyone here at Aura Libraries, thank you for reading and always remember, you are never alone with a book!

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