MEETINGS between striking workers and Wrexham Council are set to take place next week. 

Initial discussions took place earlier this week, after the authority asked Unite to call off the strikes. 

The worker's union responded by stating that strikes would continue until the end of November if a resolution wasn't found. 

Council workers in Wrexham have been on strike since early September amid an ongoing pay dispute. 

Picket lines have been formed at Abbey Road, Ruthin Road, and Queen's Square as workers continue to fight for their pay.

Several services have been affected by the industrial action, most noticeably bin collections across the city. 

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The meetings between Unite and the council are set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, following 'frank discussions' earlier this week.

Simon Ellis, of Unite, said: "There are frustrations amongst the workers that it's taken this long to have the meetings, but it's positive that we've started talks.

"There were some frank exchanges this week and it was pleasing that there was a commitment to meet again. 

"The workers don't want to be on strike, they want to be working but there are certain aspects that we need fulfilling.

"Other councils have come to resolutions so hopefully we can meet again next week with a view of bringing this dispute to an end."

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A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “Unite and Wrexham Council have had a frank, honest exchange of views and constructive first meeting this week.

"We agreed a meeting would take place in the next 7 days with relevant Chief Officers so that items for further discussion can be explored along with a clear process for doing this.

"A further meeting will take place in a week's time.

"Wrexham Council have asked Unite to suspend strike action, Unite have indicated that they will reconsider their position in 7 days time.”