THE MS for Alyn and Deeside has relived the moment he and his small dog were attacked - in order to raise awareness of an important campaign on responsible dog ownership.

Jack Sargeant MS has revealed that, just two weeks ago, he and his King Charles cavalier, Coco, were attacked by two Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Yesterday (October 4), he used a Senedd Cymru question to relive the event and to thank the members of the public who intervened, one of whom was also bitten during the incident.

Mr Sargeant was left with minor injuries but Coco was seriously injured and has thus far had to attend the vets six times.

He asked the Minister: “Minister, a few weeks ago myself and my dog, Coco the King Charles cavalier were involved in a violent dog attack from two Staffordshire Bull Terriers off their leads."


Mr Sargeant added: "I must pay tribute to the six members of the public who came to our rescue.

"Remarkably, I was physically ok from the attack - more mentally shook up from the ordeal. Coco, after six visits to the vets is on the road to recovery.

"We’ve heard already from Hefin David this afternoon how things can go tragically wrong.

"What consideration have you given to a responsible dog ownership awareness campaign?

"That would amongst other things; remind dog owners in Wales of their legal obligation to keep their animals under proper control in all places, at all times.

"As well as encourage them to seek advice if they are concerned about their dog’s behaviour and urge people to report any suspicions they have about illegal breeding to their local authorities.”

The Leader: An injury sustained by Jack Sargeant MS' dog Coco during the attack.

Speaking afterwards Mr Sargeant said: “The two dogs were running loose and seemed to appear from nowhere. Before I knew it one dog had Coco around the neck causing two puncture wounds to her throat and back of the neck whilst the other pinned her to the ground.

"I attempted to rescue Coco and I am incredibly grateful to members of the public who answered my calls for help as I was lying over Coco’s body in efforts to protect her.

"Without the bravery of the public, Coco would almost certainly not be with us anymore. Over two weeks since the attack, my partner and I are still finding wounds to Coco’s flesh.

"The powers to introduce new legislation in this area are not devolved but we can look at campaigns to promote responsible dog ownership.”